General steps and some considerations to take note

What are the reasons that organisations may want to migrate on-premise applications into the cloud?

Obtained from the AWS Value Proposition:

  • Agility — one-click provisioning of services and infrastructure for experimentation and innovation
  • Elasticity — on-demand adjustments of infrastructure capacity to cater to elastic demand and save costs
  • Flexibility — able to switch across products with low barriers of entry and minimal cost impact
  • Security

Promote synergy across your delivery, design, and quality assurance teams

Why the need for this guide?

Synergetic cross-functional teams (XFT) contribute greatly to the success of a program. Benefits of a cross-functional team include increased innovation and efficiency through different skill sets and expertise.

However, managing teams from various departments and specialisation require close coordination and orchestration of resources to ensure that the outputs from one…

Setting the foundation for interactive prototyping in MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is my personal tool of choice for various design work i.e. creating pitch decks, e-product launch posters, short animations, and interactive prototypes because of the three key reasons:

  1. Availability — comes pre-installed in most corporate computers, even in strict environments i.e. …

Five simple steps towards improving product quality and increasing adoption

Why conduct user tests?

Below are three key reasons that I chose to conduct user tests with my users before launching the digital product to the masses:

  • Validate: ensures that the product fits the needs and provide value for my target users/groups
  • Educate: allows users to gain some familiarity with the product before launch…

Important activities and tasks to take note of in preparation for your project transition

What happens after a project ends?

The transition to the post-production/maintenance phase begins. The transition primarily involves tasks and activities that span the following three broad categories:

  • People — planning for support teams (L1/L2/L3), educating end-users
  • Process — support/escalation workflow structure, service-level agreements, handover/training plans, documentation
  • Product — technical documentation, user guides, road maps

The goal…

Tweak your product design quickly so that developers can ship useful product features fast

A lean design sprint is a scaled-down design approach that involves delivering artefacts quickly in an iterative fashion to obtain user feedback with limited resources.

I have recently completed a design sprint and have found this approach especially useful for product designers/teams that want to build a quick and usable…

Ensure that vulnerabilities are properly addressed through a security assessment before your application goes live

What is the security assessment about?

Anything can happen when your app gets released to the public. As we don’t know what we don’t know, it’s important to ensure that proper measures are in place to mitigate the risks and application vulnerabilities — through a security assessment and audit.

What does the security assessment and tests cover?

The coverage of the security assessment and…

Five useful components of a user story specification that facilitates the delivery of your solution

Writing a useful user story can make a significant difference in your delivery timeline in the long run.

What is a user story?

In an agile delivery framework, a user story is the smallest unit of work to be delivered. The end deliverable should be able to demonstrate value to the user in the form…

Practical examples to estimate, quantify, and present your digital transformation project benefits to investors

Numbers form the backbone of project proposals to obtain funding from sponsors.

The benefits have to be packaged in a way that’s easily understood by the stakeholders for them to capture the value of your project and make an investment. …

Set up an operating model that complements your business

A digital factory is a cross-functional unit within an organisation that incorporates a modern style of working and utilises advanced digital platforms to drive transformation throughout the business.

For companies to advance digitally effectively, management has to consider restructuring their organisational structure to embrace digital transformation; this can be done…

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